Skin Resurfacing Acne scar Treatments

Skin Resurfacing Acne scar Treatments

There are many different products and procedures available for the treatment of acne scars; different methods of treatment can be applied depending on the severity and type of scars a sufferer has. Skin resurfacing acne scar treatments are one of the most proven methods of procedure and can help people significantly reduce the amount of scars and improve the skins appearance.

Skin resurfacing involves using laser treatment in different ways and can be carried out in a number of private clinics and hospitals in the UK. It is also possible to receive laser skin resurfacing acne scar treatments through the NHS although there will need to signs that having acne scars is causing a person psychological problems.

Types of laser skin resurfacing treatments

There is generally two kinds of laser chosen to perform skin resurfacing, these are:


  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) laser
  • Erbium YAG laser

The carbon dioxide laser is used to provide high energy in short burst to the affected area of skin, this will result in the layers of skin being peeled away one at a time to reveal a new smoother layer of skin.

The Erbium YAG laser provides a wave length that works to softly penetrate the skin and absorbed by water. Like the CO2 laser, the Erbium YAG laser will clear away the damaged layers of skin tissue. The use of a YAG laser is better suited for people that suffer from mild and superficial scarring; it is also the preferred method of laser skin resurfacing for people with darker skin and those that do not want to suffer from prolonged redness of the skin after surgery.

Laser skin resurfacing acne scar treatments also help the skin to produce more collagen, this can help lift and support the skins surface.

The results of laser skin resurfacing will generally be seen after several sessions, and patients can generally expect to see an improvement of 50%- 75% in the reduction of scarring.

Cost of skin resurfacing acne scar treatments

The cost of laser skin resurfacing will depend on the clinic that you choose and also the amount of sessions that need to undergo. There are generally two fees involved in skin resurfacing treatment; one will be the fee for treatment and the other for the services of the surgeon. Some clinics may charge for an initial consultancy although may will carry out this appointment free.

Surgery is done on an outpatient basis and will only require a few hours of hospital time at the most; laser resurfacing done this way can start from around £250 for one session, undergoing several sessions until treatment is fully complete will cost well in excess of £1000.

Recovering from skin resurfacing acne scar treatments

After the skin resurfacing procedure has been completed, patients can expect the skin to be red; this will fade away as the new skin emerges. The recovery time will generally be around 2-3 days; the discolouration of the skin does not affect a patient from doing any normal activities.