Medical Tatoo Acne scar Treatments

Medical Tatoo Acne scar Treatments

Scarring as a result of acne can not only be hard to treat but also can cause a sufferer huge embarrassment. Acne generally affects the face and upper neck, meaning scars cannot be covered, this can lead to numerous psychological problems such as social anxiety and depression.

Treatment for acne scars in the past has been notoriously hard to treat; recent advances in medicine have led to a wide range of treatments that are able to treat various degrees of scarring. Medical tattooing acne scar treatments are one of the ways in which scars can be reduced.

What are medical tattoo acne scar treatments?

The term medical tattoo is commonly associated with the tattooing of people to provide information of an existing medical condition in a way that medical I.D. bracelets work. This treatment has been extended to use medical tattooing for cosmetic purposes.

Medical tattoo acne scar treatments are a form of procedure that is used to act as a scar camouflage. Scarring can often lead a discolouring of skin pigmentation, medical tattooing can be used to match the scar to the colour of the surrounding skin, thus making it less noticeable and improving appearance. One form of medical tattooing is known as MCA (Multitrepannic Collagen Activation) which uses the same precision plus machine to send signals to the brain which in turn sends collagen and lymphatic to the affected area of skin which can help to re-pigment the skin naturally.

Skin needling is also used to as a medical tattooing treatment; this involves plumping up the scars using collagen to make them less noticeable. The stimulation of collagen will also help the body to heal the scars naturally.

To achieve the best results from medical tattooing acne scar treatments it is recommended that patients undergo four sessions set apart by three or four months.

It is important that the patient undergoes medical tattoo treatments with realistic expectations, tattooing, MCA and skin needling treatments cannot make a scar instantly disappear, there is also likely to be some scarring left over after treatment. Having said this, medical tattooing is still proven to have visible and excellent results.

Finding medical tattoo acne scar treatments

Medical tattooing to provide camouflage for acne scars is not as popular as other form of acne scar treatment and may not be as widely available. There are companies across the UK that can provide medical tattooing and many may do this alongside other cosmetic procedures.

Medical tattoo treatments for acne will not be available on the NHS, meaning private treatment is the only option. Using the internet can be a good way of finding available clinics close to the area you live, search engines can put you in touch with clinics, many of which have personal websites with details of the procedures offered.


Private treatment costs will differ depending on the clinic and how many sessions you need to undergo, many private companies are able to provide a free consultation where available options can be discussed