Cosmetic Acne scar Treatments

Cosmetic Acne scar Treatments

Acne can cause people many problems both hygienically and psychologically, even long after the acne has disappeared the effects can be felt, and this is because of the scarring which is left behind after the lesions. Scarring occurs because of skin tissue damage caused by a spot, pimple or nodule, scarring can be worsened by tampering with the acne in any way.

There are different ways in which people are scarred by acne; most people are only affected by mild and temporary scarring which can be treated using over-the-counter creams containing benzoyl peroxide. Some people may not be as lucky and be left with deep and long term scars.

For those that have moderate to severe scarring, cosmetic acne scar treatments may be recommended; these can be carried out by numerous private clinics and hospitals up and down the UK, in certain cases cosmetic acne scar treatments may be carried out on the NHS.

Cosmetic treatments for acne on the NHS

Cosmetic treatments are seen as non-essential procedures and for this reason cosmetic surgery is generally not carried out on the NHS; however, there are certain cases when acne scar sufferers can receive treatment.

Acne scars can be hugely damaging to a person’s self-esteem and quality of life and can lead to psychological problems such as depression and social anxiety; in cases such as this NHS treatment is available. The cosmetic acne scar treatments on the NHS will generally be done through referral from a GP; this will mean that a patient will need to arrange to see their GP regarding the scars.

The GP will be able to look at the severity of the acne scars and talk through the problems being caused as a result of them, they will also be discuss the likelihood of being able to receive free treatment on the NHS. If you are eligible for treatment, you will meet with a dermatologist to discuss the kind of procedures available.

Cosmetic treatments for acne privately

Opting for private cosmetic acne scar treatments does not involve the need for GP referral, nor does it require there to be any outstanding need for treatment. Cosmetic treatment for acne scars is carried out in hundreds of private clinics and hospitals in the UK and there are many different procedures available. One major downside to private surgery however is the cost, although lesser treatments such as chemical peels and dermabrations may not be too expensive, top end procedures such as laser treatment can cost in excess of £300 per session.

Finding cosmetic treatment clinics

Many private cosmetic clinics offer acne treatments alongside other cosmetic procedures such as face lifts and nose reconstruction, they can be found in most areas of the UK with major cites having several options. Using the internet provides a good platform for finding a cosmetic acne treatment clinic or hospital; many companies have personal websites that can be found with the use of a search engine. Online booking for consultation appointments is also often available.