Acne scar Treatments Skin Peels

Acne scar Treatments Skin Peels

Over three quarters of teenagers and half of all adults will be affected with acne at some point in their lives. The condition arises when follicles become clogged with dead skin cells and cause spots and pimples to appear on the skin; acne is usually found on the face, upper neck, chest and back. Acne can be treated through the use of skin creams containing benzoyl oxide, antibiotics and retinoids. One thing that these forms of medication cannot treat is the scarring which occurs after acne has faded.

Most people will suffer from scarring as a result of acne; some will suffer from rather more severe scars than others. There are now many kinds of available acne scar treatments, skin peels are one of the popular choices and can be beneficial in reducing scarring on people that suffer from mild and moderate scarring.

What is a skin peel?

When it comes to mild acne scar treatments, skin peels are one of the best solutions; the aim of a skin peel is to improve the skins texture and complexion. Skin peels use chemical substances to remove the layers of dead and damaged skin cells leaving healthy skin underneath, removing the damaged skin can improve the appearance of scars and improve the colour tone of the skin.

Like other kinds of acne scars treatments, skin peels will need to be carried out over a number of sessions before significant results can be seen and during the times between procedures it is important that the skin is protected from the sun; wearing sunscreen can help to protect the skin when outdoors. A patient can expect to see results over 4-6 weeks of treatment.

Types of skin peel

There are different kinds of skin peel treatments that are available and different procedures will be offered by different clinics. Skin peels are non-surgical treatments and are only carried out by private clinics and hospitals, acne scar skin peels are not carried out on the NHS.

All skin peel procedures can be applied to acne scars although some will achieve better results than others, the most common skin peel treatments are:


  • Glycolic peel
  • Easy phytic peel
  • Easy TCA peel
  • Obagi blue peel
  • Unideep peel
  • Phenol peel

A skin peel will cost but the price is relatively small when compared to other acne scar treatments, skin peels can start from as little as £50 which in comparison to laser treatment starting at around £250 is very appealing.

Unideep, obagi blue and phenol skin peels are two of the best methods for the reduction of acne scars, both treatments have the aim of removing a layer of skin leaving feeling revitalised. In the case of unideep skin peels a patient will only require one treatment and the procedure can result in a smoother skin.

It should be noted that skin peels are not a guaranteed solution to the elimination of acne scars. There can be great results in improving the appearance of scars, but patients should not expect scars to disappear altogether.