Acne scar Treatments Serum

Acne scar Treatments Serum

Acne scars are caused as a result of tissue damage from an acne lesion on the skin; the scars can be made worse if acne has been picked, rubbed or squeezed leaving the skin open to infection. Acne scars have traditionally been very hard to treat; recent years have led to many more options for the treatment of scars and now people can expect to achieve a significant reduction in scars from the many different product and procedures available.

There is a wide variety of acne scar treatments, serum, chemical peels, laser treatments and punch techniques are just a few of those available. Serum based products are some of the most commonly purchased but the chance of them working on your scars will depend on the severity of them, other factors to consider when using serum is the type of acne scar and the skin type.

What is serum?

A serum will come in a liquid formula and is designed to treat skin and acne scars by being applied topically. In acne scar treatments, serum will come as either water based or oil based products.

Serums will have a higher concentration of components which will have a stronger effect on the skin; a serum is the most potent variation that is found in a particular product.

Some serums that are used as a treatment for acne scarring may need to be done so under the supervision of a dermatologist because of their high potency nature, however, most can be purchased over-the-counter to be applied at home. Of all the available acne scar treatments, serum included Vitamin C is often the most popular.

Vitamin C serums

Vitamin C when applied to acne scars alone will provide very little in the way of scar reduction or improvement of appearance, when added to a serum, however, it can be very effective. Vitamin C serums are generally cosmetic and contain a high concentration of Vitamin C (usually between 5%-15%), choosing an oil or water based product will depend on skin type.

Vitamin C is included due to its ability to stimulate a type of protein in the body known a collagen, this can help improve skin and reduce scarring.

Like many other acne scar treatments, serum products can be very expensive to purchase, the fact that they are often needed over a long period of time only serves to increase costs.

It is possible to make Vitamin C serums from home using certain ingredients; these can often be as effective as other over-the-counter treatments at a fraction of the cost.

Homemade Vitamin C serums

To make a homemade serum including vitamin C you will need the following ingredients:


  • ½  teaspoon of vitamin C either is powder of crystal form
  • 3 ½ teaspoon of distilled water (the water must be added at room temperature)
  • 1 ½ teaspoon of vegetable glycerine
  • 1 dark coloured glass bottle

One mixed, the serum can be applied to the affected area of skin using a cotton ball or with fingertips.