Acne scar Treatments Creams

Acne scar Treatments Creams

Acne scars were commonly a hard condition to treat in the past as there was little in the way of genuine products or procedures that could help reduce the appearance of scars. In recent times this has changed and there are now a wide variety of acne scar treatments, creams, laser treatments, chemical peels and dermabrasions to treat the condition.

Preventing acne scars

Taking steps to prevent scars from appearing is better than any of the available acne scar treatments; creams containing benzoyl peroxide such as Clearasil and Oxy are helpful in doing this. Creams that contain benzoyl peroxide encourage the skin to shed the layers of damaged tissue which can help to keep scarring to a minimum; they are also a good way of preventing acne.

Preventing scars has a lot to do with how you treat your skin; you should always make sure not to squeeze, pick at or rub spots and pimples, doing so can spread infection and damage sin tissue which will lead to deeper and more permanent scarring. You should also consult with a GP and/or dermatologist during the early stages of acne as leaving the acne to spread or waiting to see if it self-heals can be more damaging in the long run.

Acne scar creams

There are many different acne scar treatments, creams by far the most popular. A quick search on the internet for “acne scar treatments creams” will lead you to hundreds of companies offering creams. Each company often proclaims their cream to be the best and to offer guaranteed results; any company that does this is unfortunately telling you a lie. The truth is that any type of cream designed to reduce and eliminate acne scars rarely has any effect, even on the most superficial scars.

Some creams on offer are good at helping to treat acne but not scars, even if you are someone that is suffering from mild scarring using cream will not help.

If you do decide to try using an acne scar treatments creams, you should do so with the consultation of a GP or dermatologist, these professionals will be able to recommend a suitable cream.

Many websites on the internet can provide customer reviews on the available creams with ratings on which are the best.

Alternatives to acne creams

There are numerous alternatives that are proven acne scar treatments, creams, when compared with other procedures such as punch techniques and laser treatments offer no solution.

The best method of treatment will depend on the type of scarring you have; a dermatologist will be able to help in determining the best form of treatment.

For mild scarring treatments such as chemical peels and dermabrasions may be suggested, laser treatments are also good as resurfacing the skin and reducing the amount of scarring in mild to moderate scarring.

Deep scaring is best served by using a punch technique which involves a surgical procedure to cut away scar restore a natural surface to the skin.