What is the Best Acne scar Treatments?

What is the Best Acne scar Treatments?

Acne scars have been traditionally being a hard thing to treat, they are often permanent and can leave a person disfigured and psychologically troubled. Recent years have led to a rise in the number of available treatments, there is now a wide range on offer no matter what the type of scar or how severe, the question is “what is the best?” Acne scar treatments are provided in different ways to different scars, the best treatment will depend on the individual.

Seeking help from a dermatologist

A dermatologist is possibly the best person to give an answer to “what is the best?” Acne scar treatments that are provided will be done so after an evaluation of the type of scar, how severe the scarring is and the skin type of the person. A dermatologist is qualified in the diagnosis and treatment of all skin conditions making them the best informed medical professional to make a decision on the best method of treatment.

There are different types of acne scars, and there are different methods of treatment that can be applied.

Treatments for ice pick scars

Ice pick scars resemble the appearance of the skin being punctured with an ice pick, these are one of the most common types of scar and can be treated in different ways, it will be decided at a pre-procedure consultation what is the best. Acne scar treatments to reduce ice pick acne scarring include:


  • Punch techniques
  • Laser treatment
  • Chemical peels
  • Dermabrasions
  • Dermarollers

Treatment for boxcar scars

Like ice pick scars, boxcar scarring is also very common. These scars resemble chicken pox scars and are angular scars with vertical edges. These scars can be treated using the same methods as ice pick scars.

Treatment for rolling scars

Rolling scars are of a wave like appearance and under the skin, these scars have a tendency to be wide and shallow, once again treatment can be looked at with the help of a dermatologist to answer “what is the best?” Acne scar treatments for rolling scars can be easily treated using skin peels, dermabrasions and laser treatments; the need for more serious procedures such as punch techniques is not required.

Treatment for hypertrophic scars

Hypertrophic scars are unlike other forms of acne scar in that they are generally above the skin; they are raised and lumpy in appearance and are found as a result of over healing. Hypertrophic scars are also unlike the other scar types in the methods of treatment that can be used and are known for being difficult to treat.

No outstanding method of treatment has been found for this type of scar and the fact that it has a tendency to be reoccurring also causes problems. Oral and injected steroids are often given to try and reduce the size of the scar; laser treatment is also sometimes used to produce the same effect. Another technique is to free the scars for removal but this has also proven be troubled for the long-term healing prospects.