What Acne Scar Treatments do Professionals Recommend?

What Acne Scar Treatments do Professionals Recommend?

Acne scars can have a huge effect on a person’s self-esteem; the unsightly nature of the scarring can also result in the downturn in a person’s quality of life. Scarring as a result of acne has long been known for being hard to treat; recent advances in medical science have led to more treatment options and a better chance of having scars reduced. The amount of acne treatments now available means that people cannot decide on which the best are or which is better suited to their circumstances.  Answering the question “what acne scar treatments do the professionals recommend?” can go a long way to finding a suitable product or procedure.

Who are the professionals?

There are generally three types of medical professional to take to account when looking for an answer to “what acne scar treatments do professionals recommend?” These are dermatologists, aestheticians and cosmetic surgeons, it is also possible to include a GP in the list, although they may not have as much knowledge with regards to treatments as the others; a GP can however be helpful in referring you to another professional.

Aestheticians are versed in the theory of skincare and beauty; you will find an aesthetician in many private clinics and hospitals up and down the UK, they can provide a range of beauty treatments that include a variety of acne and acne scar procedures. Aestheticians will be able to recommend specific treatments to your condition during a one on one consultancy; these are often carried out free of charge.

Cosmetic surgeons are trained to provide treatments to provide correction or restoration to the body; they are able to offer a wide variety of surgical procedures that can cure acne scars. Like an aesthetician, a cosmetic surgeon will be able to offer a consultancy so that the best method of treatment can be decided upon.

When asking “what acne scar treatments do professionals recommend?” the professional that many people will be referring to is a dermatologist. A dermatologist is a medical professional that is trained in the study, diagnosis and treatment of all conditions related to the skin and hair.  A dermatologist will be able to recommend a treatment based on the type of scarring, how severe the scarring is and the skin type of the patient. The age of the patient many also are taken into account as certain procedures may not be suitable for younger teenagers.

Available treatments for acne scarring

The answer to “what acne scar treatments do professionals recommend?” can be a long one as there are many available procedures. The treatment recommended by the professional will always be the one that is suited best to the individual. The range of treatments for acne scarring includes:


  • Scar reduction creams
  • Laser treatments
  • Dermabrasions
  • Chemical skin peels
  • Punch techniques
  • Dermaroller treatments

Not every available treatment is suited to the every type of scarring, this makes seeking the help and advice of a professional all the more important.