Do Acne scar Treatments Work?

Do Acne scar Treatments Work?

Acne scarring is something that will affect many people as a result of acne; these scars as caused as a result of acne lesions creating skin damage and infection. Acne scars can not only be unsightly but also lead to embarrassment and in some cases depression. Scars needn’t be a problem for people to suffer with from a lifetime and there is now a wide variety of treatments available that aim to reduce and cure scars, one important question is “do acne scar treatments work?”

Types of acne scarring

The straight forward answer to “do acne scar treatments work?” is yes, but that is not to say that all treatments will work. Different types of treatment will be given based on the type of scar that a person is suffering from. The type of scar that an acne suffer has might not be easily distinguishable to someone unfamiliar with different types of scarring, it is wise to seek advice from a medical professional in regards to what type of scaring affects you.

Dermatologists are medical professionals that specialise in the treatment of all conditions related to the skin and hair. An appointment can be arranged through a GP to meet with a dermatologist to discuss the type and severity of scarring and what method of treatment is best to take.

There are four different types of scar that can be present as a result of acne, these are:


  • Ice Pick scars
  • Rolling scars
  • Boxcar scars
  • Hypertrophic (keloid) scars

Some treatments can be applied to any type of scar whereas others may be specific to a certain type of scar, for this reason, understanding what type of scar applies to you can be essential.

Available acne scar treatments

To establish an answer to “do acne scar treatments work?” it is important to list the available treatments.

Once a person realises that they are suffering from acne scarring the common tendency is to purchase a scar removal cream or gel. These treatments are easy to get hold of and can be purchased over- the- counter from most pharmacies. Each cream generally claims to be the best at removing and reducing acne scars, the unfortunate truth is they rarely work. Some creams such as ones containing benzoyl peroxide may be helpful in the treatment of acne and in reducing blemishes however when applied to scarring, have little or no effect.

One of the other common treatments to help reduce scarring is laser surgery; this treatment has shown to have proven results. Laser treatment works in two ways, the first is to remove layers of damaged skin, the second is to stimulate the growth of collagen, and both methods can improve the appearance of scarring.
Chemical peels and dermabrasions involve the removal of skin to reveal a new, better texture, smoother layer of skin, these methods will also make scars less noticeable.

People should be aware when asking “do acne scar treatments work?” that it is often impossible to remove 100% percent of scarring; that is not to say that a scars appearance cannot be dramatically improved.