Are Acne Scar Treatments Painful?

Are Acne Scar Treatments Painful?

Acne scars can leave the skin looking very unsightly, many people find that living with the scarring is often worse that the actual acne. Acne scars are caused when a lesion heals; these scars can be made worse if the spots, pimples and cysts are tampered with during acne. Picking, squeezing or rubbing lesions can cause skin damage and infection which will ultimately lead to severe, permanent scarring. Acne scars can remain with a person for a lifetime and although they are not medically dangerous, they can lead to several psychological problems.

Treatments are readily available to help in the reduction of acne scarring, some treatments are more serious than others and one question that many people ask is “are acne scar treatments painful?” the answer to the question generally applies to the type of treatment given.

Topical acne scar treatments

The most popular treatment for acne scarring is to use topical creams and gels, the answer to “are acne scar treatments painful?” in regards to this method of treatment is no. Creams and gels that are available over-the-counter are generally natural, this means that a user have no strange side effects to worry about as a result of using the product. Creams and gels are applied to the affected area and massaged into the skin; they do not cause any pain whatsoever. Creams to treat acne scars are better suited when the acne is still present and used as a way to treat acne and prevent scars. When used solely as a way to treat scars they tend to have little effect.

Laser acne scar treatments

The answer to “are acne scar treatments painful?” in regards to laser treatment will depend on which type of laser treatment is used. There are generally two types of laser treatment, ablative and non-ablative.

Ablative laser treatment will cause minimal pain during the process; although pain may be felt after a treatment is complete. The treatment involves using a laser to remove dead skin tissue from the affected area, burned away tissue, once removed, will leave a new layer of skin an improved scar appearance. This procedure may leave the skin red and sore for a few days afterwards.

The method of non-ablative laser treatment cause no pain at all, this is because the laser does not penetrate the skin. Non-ablative lasers work to stimulate the growth of collagen which will help to naturally heal the scar.

Punch Technique acne scar treatments

The method of punch techniques are generally reserved for more serious scarring, the answer to “are acne scar treatments painful?” when related to this method is yes and no. The treatments involve using a sharp tool to cut away the scar and seal the wound using stiches of by grafting a piece of skin from another area of the body. The procedures are carried out using local anaesthesia meaning no pain will be felt, where pain may be felt is after the operation; this may be in the form of soreness and irritation.