Riverbanks Clinics Acne scar Treatments

Riverbanks Clinics Acne scar Treatments

Acne is a condition caused by the body producing too much of a substance called sebum, this leads to dead skin cells becoming clogged in pores and thus causing spots and pimples; in more serious breakouts, nodules and cysts can occur. There is no one reason that causes acne and dermatologists note that it could be through hormonal changes, bad hygiene or even a genetic condition.

Another problem brought about by acne is the scarring which can occur after a lesion has healed, this scarring can often be permanent and lead to deep marks on the skin, scarring often appears on the neck, back, chest and face. In the case of scarring on the face, this can cause people huge embarrassment and lead to further social problems.

There is now many treatments both surgical and non-surgical that can help to treat both acne and acne scarring, the UK is particularly well catered to in the number of private clinics that can provide these treatments, one organisation in particular has an excellent reputation for excellence in this area, Riverbanks Clinic.

Who is Riverbanks Clinic?

Riverbanks Clinics acne scar treatments alongside their whole host of other aesthetic and cosmetic procedures have already gained notoriety thanks to the awards won at the Aesthetic Medicine Awards, one of these awards was for best new clinic.

The results produced at the clinic speak for themselves and visible results of RiverBanks Clinics acne scar treatments can be seen on the company’s website, patient testimonials are also available on the website to give further prove of have the procedures have been successful.

All of the procedures are carried out at the company’s river bank clinic and are done so using only the most modern and up-to-date equipment, each individual patient at the clinic will be treated to an in depth consultation at which the correct procedure can be decided upon.

Riverbanks Clinics available treatments

Riverbanks Clinics acne scar treatments can be catered to the exact needs of the patient, the method of treatment chosen will depend on the patient’s skin type and scar type. There is a variety of treatments that can be chosen form to reduce and improve the appearance of scarring, the available treatments include:


  • Dermaroller
  • SmartXide DOT laser
  • OBAGI product treatments

Each of Riverbanks clinics acne scar treatments are carried out in a different way, the dermaroller treatment is becoming one of the most popular treatments for acne scarring and is widely used by celebrities. The dermaroller is a device that has close to 200 needles and is rolled over the affected area, although it cannot be felt, the dermaroller makes tiny wounds in the skin which stimulates the growth of collagen and encourages natural healing of scars.

The SmartXide DOT laser also stimulates collagen through the use of laser light; this will help to fade acne scars. The use of OBAGI products are well known for reducing scarring and blemishes, they are used in the form of skin peels and face masks.