Revitol Acne scar Treatments

Revitol Acne scar Treatments

Acne scarring is something, the to many people is worse than the actual acne breakout, this is because the scarring serves as a reminder of the problems caused by acne, scars can also often be permanent and irremovable without the right kind of treatment.

Finding the best form of acne scar removal is something that proves difficult to do, there are different kinds of acne scar and certain treatments will not be effective of certain types of scar. Most of the treatments that are used in the treatment of acne do not have the same effect on scarring; this means many people are forced to live with the scarring. One new product on the market is Revitol acne scar cream and it is proving to be a success with many people.

What is Revitol acne scar cream?

Revitol acne scar treatments are becoming more popular thanks to word of mouth between acne scarring suffers, this has led to the product being branded the number one acne scar cream on the market.

Revitol acne scar cream has only been available since January 2011 and in this time the product has sold by the thousand across the world. Many people will be familiar with Revitol as the company are well established and proven in the production of excellent skin care products; this new cream gives the chance for millions of people across the world to finally rid themselves of acne scars.

Revitol acne scar treatments are helped in large part by the ingredients of the product; these include all of the components necessary to make it a leading product in the removal of acne scars:


  • Copper peptide
  • Retinol
  • Dimethylaminoethanol
  • Hydroquinone

The formula is also 100% natural and free from any of the nasty side effects that can be found in other acne scar removal treatments.

How is Revitol applied?

Revitol acne scar treatments are in the form of a cream; this means that they are applied topically to the skin. The cream is applied as and when you wish to the affected area, this can be anywhere scarring is visible. The best method is to apply the cream 3-4 times each day and moisturise it into the skin.

Buying Revitol acne scar cream

Revitol acne scar cream is not available in any stores so cannot be purchased over-the-counter like many other creams; it is also not available through prescription from a dermatologist or GP. The only way currently to take advantage of Revitol Acne Scar Treatments is to purchase the product over the internet, doing this can be beneficial as there as generally special offers and money saving deals available.

The cream can be purchased in monthly supplies, starting with one tube which will last one month, three month supplies will include three tubes, and these are available on a buy two get one free offer. The final option is to buy three and get three free, this deal will include unlimited refills so that the products is supplied for as long as it is needed.