Moll Clinic Acne scar Treatments

Moll Clinic Acne scar Treatments

Acne is a condition that is inflammatory in nature and affects the pores in the face, neck, back and chest. Pores become blocked when the body produces too much sebum and dead skin cells become clogged up in the follicles; the condition will mostly affect teenagers and young adults although a significant number of people in later years can develop outbreaks of acne. Acne scarring place just as big a part in affecting a person as the acne lesions do, this is because scarring can remain with a person for a lifetime.

It is hard to determine which people will suffer from acne scarring and those that do can be affected in different ways, some more serious than others. The type of scarring that affects people can also differ depending on the person, any treatment that is available for acne scarring will be determined on the type of scar that a person has.

There are a number of different treatments that can be given to treat acne, not all of these treatments will be suited to all kinds of scar. The process of laser treatment is one form of procedure that can be used on a broad range of scar with proven results, Moll Clinic acne scar treatments are one company that are able to offer laser procedures to patients.

About The Moll Clinic

The Moll Clinic is situated in London and is able to provide a wide array of treatments to people from all walks of life. Treatments that are available alongside the acne scar procedures include:


  • Beauty treatments
  • Techno treatments
  • Skin care
  • Hair removal procedures

The fact that the company is registered with the Care Standards Agency for acne scar removal means that they are amongst the best clinics in the UK. Moll Clinic acne scar treatments and all other procedures are carried out using the best equipment and in a modern and stylish facility. The company has several years of experience in the treatment of acne scars and each treatment is carried out with great success.

About Moll Clinic acne scar treatments

Moll Clinic acne scar treatments involve the use of laser light to improve the appearance of scars, before any procedure is carried out, patients are able to undergo a consultancy at which all of the details of laser treatment will be discussed.

The benefits of laser treatment when compared to other methods of acne scar treatment such as cream or antibiotics are excellent. Products and medication often has little affected in scar reduction, even on minimal scarring. Laser treatment is also beneficial because of the fact that the procedure is painless and side effects are minimal.

The method in which Moll Clinic acne scar treatments work through the use of laser is by using the intense light to kill of any bacteria and remove damaged skin, the laser also encourages the growth of collagen which has excellent properties in the natural healing of skin and significant improvement of scar appearance.