Medilaser Acne scar Treatments

Medilaser Acne scar Treatments

Acne scar treatments are one of the most commonly searched items on the internet for people that suffer, or have suffered from acne. Permanent scars are something that not everyone has to worry about although those that do find themselves effected can suffer from psychological problems as-well as problems in appearance.

The unfortunate thing about scarring is that it common on the face and neck, this makes them hard to cover and the only possible option to improve appearance is to undergo treatment. Medilaser acne scar treatments are amongst the best available and can extended to treat the symptoms of acne as-well as the scarring.

MLA Medilaser Aesthetics Ltd

Medilaser acne scar treatments are carried out at the Medilaser Aesthetics Clinic in Walsall. The company have been carrying out numerous skin treatments to patients since 1994 and have amassed a happy client base of over 25,000 people in that time. Each procedure that is carried out at the clinic is do so using only the highest standards of equipment and by the most qualified staff. Medilaser Aesthetics Clinic are registered to the General Medical Council (GMC), Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD), this ensures that only the highest standards of care are carried out, each and every time.

Medilaser also work to a policy that each procedure suggested isn’t anything that they wouldn’t try themselves.

Medilaser acne scar treatments provide and excellent alternative to the NHS which often cannot provide such treatments. Acne and acne scarring treatments are generally considered to be cosmetic and non-essential; this makes receiving treatment on the NHS almost impossible unless the case has led to considerable psychological problems.

Patients at the clinic can undergo free assessment from a nurse or therapist free of charge and a 15 minute skin examination with resident Dr Nina Sharma will cost just £25.00, this is much cheaper than other examinations carried out by other private clinics and hospitals.

Medilaser acne scar treatments that are provided

Medilaser acne scar treatments are generally carried using laser treatment, this form of treatment is not only beneficial to the scarring but also the acne itself. Laser acne treatment can be applied to any kind of scar and is done so using two discreet modes of action.

The first use of the laser is to destroy bacteria; this has benefits to both the acne and the scarring. By killing the bacteria, acne is eliminated and thus no scarring is possible. The second method involves the stimulation of collagen; this is big step in scar reduction. A laser produce collagen by heating the deeper layers of the surrounding skin; this works to speeds up the natural healing process and strengthens skin to makes scars less noticeable.

Medilaser are able to offer alternatives to the laser treatment for scars, these are non-surgical methods and include the following:


  • Cosmedix Skin Care Products
  • Medical peels
  • Jane Iredale mineral make-up

All treatments will need several sessions before the benefits are fully recognised.