LMA Acne scar Treatments

LMA Acne scar Treatments

For any sufferer of acne the appearance of scars will be all too familiar, acne scars are often permanent and can be fairly severe. Scars are mostly apparent on the face of acne sufferers; this can lead to people becoming embarrassed about interacting socially and can lead to further problems such as depression.

On the positive side, acne scars can be treated using a variety of methods, some will have more success than others and the best method of treatment will depend on the scarring of the individual.

Popular treatments for acne scars include topical creams and injected steroids, these can often have little effect on the reduction of scarring and further cosmetic treatments will be needed. LMA acne scar treatments are able to provide excellent procedures that have been shown to have proven results in the reduction of scars and the improvement of scar appearance.

About LMAesthetics

LMAesthetics (commonly known as simply LMA) are a private clinic based in Issaquah in Washington, United States. They are a leading company for providing a range of treatments related to skin rejuvenation, laser aesthetics and anti-aging; Treatments are carried out using only the best and most modern equipment and are carried out by professional and qualified staffs.

LMA aim to provide each patient with the most comfortable and highest standard of treatment available, all treatments provided are done so as non-invasive procedures and are carried out on an out-patient basis, this means that patients can be in and out of the clinic within just hours, and having undergone possibly life changing treatment.

LMA acne scar treatments are carried out under the supervision of Dr Mulligan and her fully trained and qualified staff. They are able to provide the best consultations to make sure that each individual receives the best possible treatment for their condition.

Available LMA acne scar treatments

There is a healthy selection of LMA acne scar treatments available to sufferers of varying degrees of acne. The best method of treatment will decided upon during a consultation in which Dr Mulligan will determine the skin type of the patient and the severity and type of scarring.

Available treatments include:


  • Skin peels- these procedures can be carried out using a chemical based product to remove the damaged skin, these treatments will improve the appearance of the scar and also make less noticeable. This kind of treatment is seen as beneficial to people that suffer from mild to moderate scarring, there are different types of LMA acne scar treatments available for skin peeling including liquid facelifts and the use of Obagi products.
  • Laser treatments- laser treatments can be carried out that are either ablative or non-ablative. The aim of the ablative process is to use the high energy laser to penetrate the skin and remove damaged layers to reveal as smoother complexion, this will make scars less noticeable. Non-ablative treatments rely on promoting the building of collagen instead of penetrating the skin; this will help improving and reduce scarring.