Isolaz Acne scar Treatments

Isolaz Acne scar Treatments

Acne scars are an extremely common factor as a result of acne; despite this, treating scars often proves to be very difficult. The most popular forms of treatment that is tried are through topical products, these are generally in the form of creams, oils and gels. There can be given through prescription or purchased over-the-counter, many creams available claim to be the perfect solution to acne, unfortunately this is not the case. There have been no topical treatments that have shown to have a positive effect on acne scars, in fact even the most superficial of scarring shows no alteration from the use of creams and gels.

Another type of treatment that is given by doctors is through antibiotics; these are taken as oral tablets and also prove to have very little effect on scars. One form of treatment that has a growing reputation and has shown proven benefits to the reduction of scars is Isolaz.

What is Isolaz?

Isolaz acne scar treatments are a fairly new form of treatment for acne and acne scarring and are one that is revolutionising the treatment of skin. Isolaz is an acne light treatment which combines a vacuum and broadband light which is painless to purify pores and provide deep cleansing for skin. This not only treats acne but also reduces scarring and prevents many scars from forming.

How Isolaz works

Isolaz acne scar treatments are based on the treatment of the original acne which, in turn, will help to reduce scarring.

The first part of Isolaz process is to utilise the vacuum this will work to provide a deep cleansing of the pores. The vacuum help to loosen and extract dirt from the pores, it also works to extract blackheads an oil from the skin.

The next step of Isolaz acne scar treatments process uses the broadband light. The use of the light is to kill any bacteria that cause acne; it also works to reduce facial redness and scarring.

Benefits of Isolaz acne scar treatments

There are numerous benefits to be had with Isolaz acne scar treatments, these benefits are something that has led to a huge rise in the popularity of Isolaz.

The first benefit that has been proven is the effectiveness that the product has had on people, who have previously tried other treatments without success; these treatments can be anything from topical to laser procedures.

Isolaz is a totally painless procedure; this has been proven in a study of previous patients which concluded that 100% claimed the process was painless.

Clinical studies have been produced by leading dermatologists have shown that there are proven benefits in the use of Isolaz to treat acne.

The length of time that the process takes is also something that is beneficial to patients, Isolaz acne scar treatments can be done on an out-patient basis and in as little as 15-30 minutes.

Another positive benefit is that treatments require no need for any kind of anaesthesia or other pre-treatment preparation.