Harley Medical Acne scar Treatments

Harley Medical Acne scar Treatments

The scarring caused by acne is something happens as a result of the original acne condition; scars are depressions on the skin, left behind by a lesion that has disappeared. The scars tend to be found on the face more than any other area and will generally remain for a lifetime unless steps are taken to undergo treatment. Scars can also lead numerous psychological problems and cause a person low self- esteem which an effect people in everyday life.

There are a range of treatments that can be applied to the skin to reduce acne scars; Harley Medical acne scar treatments are UK leaders in providing the best treatment no matter what the scar type.

The Harley Medical Group

The Harley Medical Group has numerous clinics across the UK and the Republic of Ireland that can provide a wealth of non-surgical and cosmetic surgery procedures for a range of conditions.

Since being established in 1983, The Harley Medical Group have built up and excellent reputation in providing the best treatments alongside the highest standards of customer care. Making sure that patients receive the best treatment available provided in a modern and comfortable environment and by the most qualified staff is the company’s number one policy 

The company is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) which guarantees that high standards are always kept. Harley Medical acne scar treatments are carried out in a number of the company’s clinics and can be done so on an out-patient basis meaning little disruption to daily routines.

 Acne scar treatments

Harley Medical acne scar treatments are amongst the best in the UK and can be carried out on any kind of acne scar, the first step of getting treatment is to undergo a consultancy, this is done free of charge in all of The Harley Medical Group clinics. The aim of the consultancy is to determine the best method of treatment for the patients scarring, this will be done by looking at the severity of the scar, the patient’s skin type and also taking into consideration the age of the patient.

The types of treatment on offer at The Harley Medical Group can be mostly carried out using non-surgical methods; these include chemical peels and derma fillers.

Harley Medical acne scar treatments using chemical peels are both popular and effective, the procedure involves using a chemical to help peel away layers of damaged tissue, and this will leave a smoother and better textured layer of skin which will improve the appearance of the scarring. One common form chemical peel is the obagi blue skin peel which involves the use of Trichlororoacetic Chemical Acid (TCA) to remove the layers of skin. The whole procedure takes only 20 minutes to complete and requires no form of sedation.

Chemical peels will generally leave the skin red or pinkish for 2-3 days afterwards before the skin begins to peel. There is normally several sessions needed before significant results can be seen and scars become less noticeable.