Freedom Health Acne scar Treatments

Freedom Health Acne scar Treatments

For many people acne scarring can be much worse than the actual acne spots and pimples, this is because scars can be long lasting and cause huge embarrassment. The embarrassment caused by acne scarring is worse when the face is affected; unfortunately this is the case in many situations.

There is good news out there for anyone suffering from acne scars and that is the fact that there are numerous treatments that can be applied to help reduce the presence of scarring. Freedom Health acne scar treatments are available to anyone in the UK and have proven results in improving the appearance of scarring; these results can view by anyone online at the Freedom Health website.

Freedom Health Clinic

The Freedom Health acne scar treatments and all other cosmetic and aesthetic treatments are carried out at the company’s clinic in Central London; the location is discreet and is easily accessible for anyone in, or visiting the capital.

Freedom Health can boast of an excellent reputation for providing the best treatments available in the UK carried out with modern equipment and by fully trained and experienced staff. The level of service has been detailed in by many of the UK’s leading newspapers including The Times, Daily Mail and The Financial Times.

Acne scar treatments

Freedom Health acne scar treatments are carried out by resident expert nurse Lee Garrett who is fully experienced and trained in providing treatment to many of the patients will all kinds of acne scar. Treatment that is provided for acne scars is commonly done so using laser treatment. Using lasers to provide skin resurfacing is commonly seen as the best for showing proven results.

There are different types of acne scarring and Freedom Health can arrange a consultation to determine the skin type and the type of scarring, this will them lead to the best solution

Scars such as hypertrophic and keloid scars are traditionally hard to treat. This is because of their raised and lumpy appearance and their nature of reoccurring. These types of skins are caused by over-active healing of an acne lesion, the treatment will different to the methods used with other scars. Freedom Health acne scar treatments for hypertrophic and keloid scars involves the use of silicone gel, this is given as either a rub-in gel or a gel sheet. Another treatment that can be applied is steroids, these are given in tiny amounts and injected into the affected area the gradually shrink the scar.

Ice pick scars, boxcar scars and rolling scars can all be treated by using the laser treatment method; this is because all of these scars are due to tissue loss as opposed to too much tissue. Treatment is aided by the introduction of moisturiser in the affected area; this is done by using a small injection of Restylane which can prevent the furthering of scar formation.

The laser treatment peels away layers of damaged tissue to reveal a new and smoother tissue; this will improve the appearance of the scar.