Fangocur Acne scar Treatments

Fangocur Acne scar Treatments

Acne is common amongst teenagers and young adults although can also affect older adults; the most common kind of acne is known as acne vulgaris and is triggered by a change in body hormones, this mostly occurs during puberty.  Acne will appear on the skin in the form of spots, pimples, cysts and nodules; this can lead to formation of scarring as the lesions heal. Scarring will often be worse in certain skin types and can also be worsened by the how the skin was treat during acne. The unfortunate thing about scarring is that can remain permanently if not treated, this can cause embarrassment and depression, especially if the scarring is on the face where it cannot be covered.

Fangocur acne scar treatments are products that are available to help in the treatment of scars as-well as acne lesions. Fangocur are able to offer a variety of products that can be used all kinds of scarring from mild to severe.

Fangocur acne scar treatments-products

Fangocur acne scar treatments are available online from the Fangocur website or by phoning the toll free number to place an order. The products available are designed to be used at home and at the customers own convenience to aid the reduction and improvement of acne scars. Being able to use Fangocur products at home can save money on expensive visits to clinics and hospitals for treatment, the products are also a worthy investment when compared to procedures such as laser surgery which can cost as much as £500 for one session.

Products available for the treatment of acne and acne scars include:

  • Fangocur acne mineral mask
  • Fangocur mineral drink
  • Fangocur acne soap
  • Fangocur mineral soap number 4

 The reason that these products are successful is due to fact of the Fangocur are a leading manufacturer and supplier of healing clay.

Fangocur healing clay

Fangocur acne scar treatments take their name from the mineral rich, clay known as fango, this is something that is treasured across the world for the numerous health benefits that is provides.

Fangocur healing clay contains a naturally high amount of minerals, and is formulated with no added chemicals. All products are completely natural and high in quality which has led Fangocur to reputation as the number one company in healing clay.

The use of the volcanic clay in the form of soap and mineral masks works to deeply cleanse the skin, remove toxins and kill bacteria, it is also useful in reducing swelling and inflammation and also regulating the metabolism. This makes it the ideal treatment for any kind of acne or acne scarring.

Fangocur acne mineral masks contain an ingredient know as silica, this plays an important part in the healing of the skin.

The healing abilities of the clay have been known for many years and the fact there are no side effects from any treatment, this cannot be said for many of the other acne treatments which can cause irritation to the skin.