EF Medispa Acne scar Treatments

EF Medispa Acne scar Treatments

Acne is a condition that can affect many people; it is mostly found in people going through puberty although can also affect adults as old as 50. The condition is caused by increased sebum in the body and this can lead to blocked pores and the perfect environment in the formation of bacteria and infection. Another common occurrence that happens when acne lesions disappear is scarring, in many cases scars are only a temporary problem and will fade away over a year or so; other types of scarring may be a more permanent and will leave lasting effects on the skin.

The healed lesions leaving behind scars can have a negative effect on not just appearance but also psychological problems; this can be in the form of low self-esteem, poor quality of life, embarrassment and even depression.

If your life is being affected because of acne scarring it is possible to seek out treatment, the best form of treatment can be determined during a consultation with a qualified dermatologist. It is possible to arrange a consultancy at many clinics in the UK, EF Medispa are able to provide both an in depth consultancy and high standard acne scar treatment.

About EF Medispa

EF Medispa acne scar treatments are available to anyone who visits either of the company’s two clinics in the Kensington and Chelsea areas of London. The company was founded in the 1970’by Esther Fieldgrass who opened of hair and beauty salon in the Notting Hill area of the capital. After gaining over thirty years of experience in the fields of aesthetics Esther Fieldgrass opened her first clinic, which has gain numerous international awards and a reputation in providing the highest levels of care. The quality of service and levels of professionalism provided at EF Medispa are second to none and are done so using only the most modern and state of the art equipment.

Available EF Medispa acne scar treatments

EF Medispa acne scar treatments are carried out with full understanding of the effects that acne and the related scarring have on suffers. The EF acne scar treatments are based on a laser light technology called elos. This involves combining radio frequency with light energy to deliver precisely controlled pulses to penetrate this skin.

The technology of this treatment aims to work on the skin at many different levels, to treat both acne and acne scarring. The blue light of the laser is can destroy the bacteria and heal any inflammation. When the laser is combined with the radio frequency and used on the affected area, the results are a reduction in the production of sebum; this method provides excellent skin cleansing.

The whole process is beneficial to any sufferer of acne or scarring and is a completely painless and non-invasive procedure. The process does not require any chemical or skin removal and the benefits can be seen after just a couple of sessions. The only side effects with this kind of treatment are redness and possible mild swelling.