Beauty Laser Acne scar Treatments

Beauty Laser Acne scar Treatments

Suffering from any type of scarring can be embarrassing and lead to low self-esteem and a down turn in the quality of life; this can be particularly true of acne scarring. Acne is a condition that causes numerous blemishes on the skin, and the condition is mostly found on the chest, back, neck and face. Scarring on the neck and face can be had to cover up and will be a permanent problem unless treatment is sought, acne scars on the face cause a lot of people psychological problems such as depression.

There are a number of treatments that can be used in the treatment of acne, some types of scarring will require specialist types of treatment whereas other types can be treat using everyday methods. The first form of product that people tend to rely on is acne scar cream; these products can generally be used on any type of scar which is appealing to many people.

The facts are that creams and other topical methods of scar reduction have little effect on even the most superficial scars.

Beauty laser acne scar treatments are proving to be a form of scar reduction that works on many different scar and skin types.

What are beauty lasers?

The beauty laser is a small handheld laser that is providing a treatment that was once only available to people at great expense in private clinics and hospitals. The laser is purchased to be used at home and whenever the users wishes, the procedure is gentle, safe, natural and totally painless; it can also be used on any skin type and skin tone. Beauty laser acne scar treatments can be applied to any area of the skin that is affected by acne, whether it is the neck, face, back or chest.

How does the beauty laser work?

Beauty laser acne scar treatments involve the use of low level laser light therapy to reduce and improve the appearance of scars. It does this by using the laser light to stimulate and promote the growth of collagen.

Collagen is a form of protein in the skin and is responsible for skin strength, by stimulating the growth of the collagen, skin tissue can be developed and scars become less noticeable.

Beauty laser acne scar treatments are also available in multi-wavelength form which can penetrate the skin at many different levels, this means it can be used to improve and reduce the appearance of deeper scars.

Cost of beauty lasers

The investment of a beauty laser can lead to savings of hundreds of pounds when compared to undergoing the same form of treatment at a private clinic. The laser can also be used when and where you wish.

The cost of the laser you choose will depend on the type of laser; there are around four different laser lengths available, some can treat multiple levels of skin, others may treat only one layer. Lasers can be purchased between £249 and £349 and are available in many different colours.